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...Final Fantasy Couples...
Safe inside myself stay all my thoughts of you.
Challenge Entry! And URGENT MESSAGE! 
4th-Oct-2010 09:37 pm
Matsumoto Jun

Here we are! A Challenge entry from a pairing I have never written or thought about before.

I'd also like to announce that October 11th is Final Fantasy Couples' 1st birthday! XD Can you believe we've lasted a whole year?! So, what should we do?! Suggestions? They'd be welcome.

Okay, thank you very much! Please enjoy and comment! :)

Final Fantasy: VII
Title: Another G&T
Characters: Tifa Lockhart and Elena of the Turks
Rating: T
Warning: Implied sex
Summary: Tifa lets her mind wander while serving a certain Turk.


Tifa ran her fingers through white blonde hair.

It was silky smooth and the strands slid across her well worn fingers, as the figure below her arched.

Mulled wine eyes met honey brown ones, smouldering and shocking, sending jolts down her spine.

She shivered, and found a soft, rosy mouth once more, tongue searching the others for confirmation of their feelings.

Elena, took a dragged breath, and pressed herself closer to Tifa.

The shiny black countertop of the bar was cold on her back, but Tifa was warm and full, and Elena could barely control her trembling hands.

Tifa smelt intoxicating, every inch of her mesmerizing and Elena fought for domination as they kissed.

The door banged in 7th Heaven, and a cold breeze crept over them.

And Tifa opened her eyes, to see the fully clothed Turk, sitting opposite, hand in hand with Reno.

“G and T? Tifa?” she repeated.

The barmaid nodded, and turned away, a grin on her face, her eyes sliding shut again as she rinsed her hands.

As she handed the G and T across the counter to Elena, she did a double take, and raised a brow before glancing way.

Was that secret, tormenting little smile from the Turk really there?

Or was it a figment of her over active imagination?

The ghost of a smile danced in Elena’s eyes.

And Tifa went back to her daydream.


4th-Oct-2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
Have you ever attempted yuri before? B/c this was great. Teasing in all the right spots and satisfying. Awesome job. ;)
5th-Oct-2010 08:27 pm (UTC)
Nope! Never written yuri in my life!
I liked how this turned out ;]
I think in my heart of hearts, I've always really liked this pairing.
Kind of like Squall/Seifer :3
5th-Oct-2010 09:00 pm (UTC)
Wow, you totes can't tell at all. It flows so naturally. Srsly, awesome job.

I haveta admit, it's hot! I could easily like this pairing.

Did you say Squall/Seifer?! /highfive

That's awesome. I like those two as well. ^_~
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