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Challenge Time!!

I'd told you guys it'd be up soon, so here it is! I hope you all enjoy this challenge, and I want as MANY members as possible to participate!! It'll be more fun that way!!! Okay, so here goes --

Write a ficlet/drabble, between 100 and 500 words, relating to the Final Fantasy Couple of your choice, beginning with the words:

“I’d love to live in _______”


“I’d love to be _______”

It MUST be in first person POV. Any major problems with that, contact me; but it is a challenge, so you’re meant to try new things J Your short story must also include AT LEAST 6 of these 10 words/prompts:

Flower, waiting, iridescent, grey, grain, ponder, trickle, alabaster, autumn, light.

You CAN change the tenses or make one of these words plural: eg. Trickled or flowers.

The deadline for this challenge is March 7th, but you can post it any time before that-  so you guys have until my little brother's birthday to write your challenges, before I present mine to him!!!! :) Sound cool? Thank you very much for participating! I can't wait to read your challenge entries! 

- LizMiz


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