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Final Fantasy Couples
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A community for any Final Fantasy Couple you wish to write, or draw about.

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Post about any Final Fantasy Couple you desire! Be it canon, with Tidus and Yuna, or non-canon with Balthier and Ashe.
Think that two people from different Final Fantasys would work well together? In this community, you can pair Vincent Valentine with Rinoa Hearilly. Anything you want, you can do. So, please enjoy! :D
Journal entries must be presented as follows:

Final Fantasy: (e.g X or VII)
Series: (if applicable)
Chapter: (if applicable)
Characters: (e.g Squall and Rinoa)
Warning(s): (if applicable. If rating is below K+ this is N/A)

It will keep things running smoothly if this is abided by.
~ No bashing of other members works. Respect is key if this community is to work.
~ No icons with adult content are to be published to the community. Stories are acceptable, but must have a warning as described above.
~ Any bullying, or spamming will be reported to the Livejournal officials, and you will be blocked from the community. The aim is to have fun, so everyone has to play nice!

If any of these rules are not kept by the members, they will be removed, and refused entry in the future. :D I feel so strict! :D

But the community is all about fun, so come, write or simply watch- make sure to particiapte in the challenges as best you can!

Thank you! And please join!

~ Caitlin (...Final Fantasy Couples... Maintainer)
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